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Openmiracle - Human Way of Accounting
Openmiracle is an attempt to make software accounting package available to the common man.

Openmiracle is an open source accounting software, ie its source code is available free of cost for life time. It includes all the traditional accounting package features and also contains some additional features.In openmracle usual Accounting has been redesigned to work better with advanced features. The software is easy to use and helps you to manage your business accounts efficiently.

Why Openmiracle
Openmiracle is suitable for business of any scale and type. Some of its interesting features include the ability to generate barcode automatically, easy management of Dot Matrix printer settings, godown and rack wise item management, support for multiple currencies, support for setting of multiple pricing levels, POS for quick invoice generation etc. the generation and management of financial statements has also easier.Standard rate setting option also available. It helps to set seasonal rates or offer rates for products.

Official web site :

* Easy to use
* Voucher types
* Tax
* Multi currency
* Unit Conversion
* Point of sale
* Payroll
* Standard rate
* Budget
* Financial Report
* Powerful Report
* Barcode Settings
* Dot matrix printer settings

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